Best Ski Mittens Reviewed

One thing every skier and snowboarder can agree on is cold hands on the mountain can ruin your day. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best best ski mittens of 2020 so you can find the perfect pair to keep your fingers nice and warm.

Best Ski Mitten 2020

Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten + Gore Warm Technology

Our number one selection for the best ski mittens of 2020 are these incredible mitts from Burton. These mitts offer incredible protection from the elements all while being loaded with features that make them great for your next trip to the ski hill.

These mitts feature Burton Gore Tex technology which will be sure to keep you dry regardless of the weather outside.

Some of the great features of the Burton ski mitts include. Touchscreen capabitlies. This allows you to use your phone or any touch screen device while still wearing these mitts. This will especially come in handy for those looking to take pictures or record footage when on the hill.

These mitts also feature a removeable glove liner this liner sits underneath the mitt and can act as a light glove if needed.

All these fantastic features paired with a incredibly high quality glove make this Burton Mitt our selection for the best ski mitt of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ski Mittens

Can You Ski With Mittens?

If you are a beginner skier you may be wondering if skiing with mittens is possible. After-all, it is much easier to hold things with gloves.

Luckily skiing with mittens is perfectly possible and cause no issues with get a strong hold of your ski poles.

In fact you will see that many skiers and snowboarders on the hill use mitts instead of gloves in order to keep there hands as warm as possible.

Where to Buy Ski Mittens?

If you are looking to buy any old pair of ski mittens you can likely head to your local department store and find a pair there. The issue is you will not be able to accurately determine how these mitts will hold up to the elements.

That is why we believe that your best bet is going to be to shop online. Large online retailers are going to give you a much broader selection of styles and prices to choose from.

This will not only ensure you find the right mitts to fit your needs but also the right mitts to fit your budget.

How To Wash Ski Mittens?

Are Ski Mittens Warmer Than Gloves?

Though there are many pairs of gloves that offer incredible warmth and quality you will find that it is more likely that your average mitt is warmer than your average glove.

One major factor that makes mitts warmer is that your fingers are able to stay together. Unless you have handwarmers packed in your mitts than the only thing generating heat within the mitt is your hand.

Once your fingers get cold you find the fingers of your gloves will no longer remain warm. By keeping your hands in a mitt you are able to spread the warmth to other parts of your hands as well as ball your hands up in a fist to warm the fingers if it happens to get quite cold.

How Should Ski Mittens Fit?

Conclusion Best Ski Mittens 2020

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best ski mittens of 2020. If you have any questions regarding our list or any of the products on our list be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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