Best Foot Warmers Reviewed 2020

Whether you’re looking to find the best foot warmers to help you sleep at night or are looking to prepare for a winter expedition, our list of the best foot warmers of 2020 will have the answers you are looking for.

Best Disposable Foot Warmer 2020 

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers With Adhesive Value Pack


  • Air Activated
  • 9 Hour Lifetime
  • Can Fit In Shoe Or Boot
  • Odourless
  • Disposable

The first feature we’re going to cover of these disposable Hothands Footwarmers is there air activation. This handy little feature makes it incredibly easy to get these foot warmers started any time, anywhere.

If you’re looking for footwarmers you can apply half way through a day on the mountain then this feature is what you’re looking for.

The 9 hour lifetime is quite a solid length for a disposable footwarmer. When it comes to non battery powered models you will find that this 9 hour lifetime is on the longer end.

This will be more than enough to last you for an entire hike of day of skiing or snowbaording.

Due to it’s flexible nature these foot warmer can fit in any shoe or boot. As you likley lready know these footwarmers are incredibly soft and form fitting which allows them to take shape of whatever shoe they are in.

Unless your boots are already tight you should have no problem squeezing these footwarmers in right against your toes.

Another important feature you may not have thought of is the odourless nature of these footwarmers. Some footwarmer and handwarmer products create a noticeable smell when in use.

This can often be unpleasent and can leave an unwanted cent in your boots or shoes even after the footwarmer is gone. Lucily this model will not have this issue.

The disposability of these handwarmers is another important feature. Some may prefer to have reusable footwarmers but for those who are looking to find an easily disposable set of footwarmers these hothands are a great option.

Cost And Value

With a price tag sitting around $18 for seveteen pairs of these disposable footwarmers this model is one of the best value options on our list.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money up front and but still want a quality performance from your foot warmers than these hot hands models are a great option.

Best Electric Footwarmers

Heating Pad, Electric Heated Foot Warmer – Auto Shut Off, Ultra Soft Flannel Heat Therapy

  • 22-Inch wide and 21-Inch deep
  • Auto- Off Feature
  • pain relief to cold feet, saving feet from poor circulation, arthritis