No running water? No problem. Ralph Kucharek, Justin Norman and Keaton Rodgers spend a few days together in a remote yurt located in the backcountry of Oregon. Each day they got out into the woods and found something new to build, to ride and to discover. One of their day trips lead them to a remote burnzone where (we think) few have ever ridden… [press play now]

Bonfire Free Range: Wilderness Huts from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

These gents were rocking Bonfire Outerwear's Kane Pant, Harrison Bib and Morris Pant. See Bonfire's full line of tried, true and tested outerwear HERE



The first Blue Square most of us hit wasn't on the mountain, but on our control pad for PlayStation! Iconic games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater introduced action sports to the general public for a first time, while others like SSX Tricky were first class tickets to mountains all over the world. Graphics have evolved, snowboarding has evolved and now there is an evolved snowboard video game to escape into your shred-head all the time – introducing, SNOW. Available on PS4 and for online streaming, SNOW is the newest digital riding experience. Master your passion, explore the open world, define your style and ultimately be the best all in Bonfire Outerwear! With Bonfire jackets and pants available for outerwear selection, we could not be more stoked to be involved with SNOW!

Bonfire Outerwear, Snow Video Game

For more on SNOW, to download or to play the PC version click HERE.

Bonfire Outerwear, SNOW video game

Match your SNOW outfit to your actual Bonfire Outerwear outfit through our online store HERE.

Videos released in the fall are to make you want to buy product; videos released in the winter are to make you want to snowboard. Bonfire Outerwear's Justin Norman hits 2017 hard with a timely release of his 2016 Full Part. Shredding and slashing in Bonfire's Bagby Jacket and Morris Pant this part epitomizes heightened powder riding that everyone can relate to!

Justin Norman 2016 from JP Schlick on Vimeo.

Check out J-Norm's outfit of choice HERE.


Some things come and go, Bonfire Outerwear is not one of them. From inception to prototype snowboard pants and jackets to a prolific multi decade team to today, Bonfire Outerwear's History Part 4 is the last look backward before we all move forward into 2017. 

Bonfire History Part 4 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.


Bonfire Outerwear's History Part 3 Video brings pro snowboard stardom down to earth. From Cooke City, MT to Mt. Hood Meadows, OR this segment is a highlight reel of best hits by some of Bonfire's best riders!

Bonfire History Part 3 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

The countdown to Christmas continues with the recounting of Bonfire Outerwear's beginnings. Enjoy founder Brad Steward reliving industry and brand building hallmarks during the early 90s in Bonfire Outerwear's History Part 2 video!

Bonfire History Part 2 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

Since the 80s snowboarding has been a tidal flow of progression, style, progression, style, so on and so forth. Today, shape boards and the new carving movement pay homage to snowboarding's yesteryears and early pioneers. Perhaps beside snowboarding being forbidden at select ski resorts, the industry chronically tributes the trends and evolutions of the past by recycling invention and ingenuity with twists of modernity. But, at one point there was pure authenticity and originality. It was at that point in 1989 that Bonfire Outerwear began.

Listen in as snowboard veterans Trevor Graves and Bobby Meeks wax poetic about Bonfire's history in this four part series releasing every day until Christmas!

Bonfire History Pt.1 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

Snowboard Canada

Grade EH Peer Review: Bonfire Beacon Jacket and Harrison Bib Pant

Tester Nick Khattar checks that UFD mobility

snowboard canada, bonfire outerwear, bonfire pants, bonfire jackets

Bonfire is one of the most classic shred brands out there, with deep roots in snowboarding and a focus on PNW performance.  After seeing team riders Darrah Reid, Beau Bishop, and Dustin Craven looking oh so fresh in early season grams, we decided we had to put some of Bonfire’s 2017 line to the test. So, we zipped up Nick Khattar in the 20k/15k insulated Beacon jacket with the 20k/15k semi-insulated Harrison Bib, and sent him out for some boardin’.  Here’s what he had to say:

I put this gear through the proverbial paces. I wore it night riding in the rain and sleet on Seymour, opening weekend in Revelstoke, and basically lived in it for three days splitboarding in Rogers Pass, where temperatures dropped to -40. Throughout all those conditions I was dry and warm.

The 20k/15k Bonfire Beacon Jacket

Bonfire Outerwear, Bonfire Beacon Jacket, Snowboard Canada

At Rogers Pass, I wore the Harrison Bibs without a base layer– east coast temps in nothing but tighty whiteys and Bonfire, and no complaints!  Standing around shooting photos for hours at a time I was cozy; naked-on-a-bear-rug-in-front-of-a-fireplace cozy. Past that, sensible cuts kept me limber and loose splitboarding into the alpine with 50 pounds of gear.

The Bonfire Platinum gear is what you want if you are riding in the Pacific Northwest. The Beacon Jacket has pockets for days, and if you ride with a BOA system, the Harrison Bib has dual BOA windows. The Harrison also has upper and lower snaps to keep your cuffs clear of kook-drag.  The jacket has a very mellow slim fit and the pants are just wide enough to have an acceptable sag.  I was a bit skeptical of the fabrics at first; the Beacon Jacket uses a denim canvas, and the Harrison pants have an almost cotton feel.  Though the fabrics look great, I was worried they’d soak up water.  Definitely not the case– whatever Bonfire’s using for waterproofing works!

The 20k/15k Bonfire Harrison Bib pant

Bonfire Outerwear, Bonfire Harrison Bibs, Snowboard Canada

The technical stuff aside, I was most impressed with was the breast pocket on the Harrison Bib and the bottom-up zipper on the Beacon Jacket. In cold temperatures the breast pocket on the Harrison Bib is the perfect location to keep shitty phones from dying, and the bottom-up zipper on the Beacon Jacket allows for quick access to the gram.  And let’s be honest here: the only reason you need technical outerwear in the first place is so you look like a badass in your story, right?

There you have it, straight from a dude who’ll spend a month in a tent to tag a few lines.  You can scope Bonfire’s full 2017 line here, and find a dealer close to you here.  Keep an eye out for more Grade EH Peer Reviews as the season keeps firing!

If you haven't picked yourself up a copy of the latest Method Mag, we recommend you get to it STAT. Why? Because there are tasty morsels of snowboarding goodness wrapped in between their pages that you simply can't pass up.

Like this FRESH MEAT with Bonfire Outerwear's Ralph Kucharek, for example- 

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Now doesn't that look appetizing?

Free Range, Organic, Cage Free snowboarding! Riding is at it's best when there are no limits nor expectations. Who wants to be limited by anything, really? You need to be free to snowboard where you want to, how you want to, the way you want to.

Bonfire Outerwear is setting out on a mission to only ride the way we want to and we'll be sharing each of those details with you here on the new Free Range Blog. Where are we going to end up? We don't exactly know yet, but we do know the adventure will take us to events, remote mountain ranges, powder filled resorts and anywhere the snow falls worldwide. If everything were predictable there'd be no surprises left in the world and that'd be one boring life to live - we've decided we want no part in a life like that, or a Blog like that for that matter! 

As a ravenous wolf hound devours a freshly taken-down deer, we will purvey fresh content each week rigorously and religiously. So sit back, relax and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and this new Blog. Enjoy! And remember, all these snowboard stories are definitely Cage Free.

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